I've been practicing yoga on and off for over 13 years and I've been a qualified instructor for over 5 years. 

My journey with yoga is ever-evolving and I'm most passionate about the mental health benefits yoga can gift you through consistent practice. A common misconception with yoga is that it's all about being fit, stretchy, and strong. This couldn't be further from the truth. While the physical practice is incredible in its own right (and will help you to become fitter, stretchier and stronger), it was originally designed to help keep the body in good condition to allow the yoga practitioner to concentrate on their mental practice. 

The ancient yogis were wise beyond their years and there's a really exciting correlation happening in the science and yoga realms currently. I'd love to help you explore yoga starting with the physical practice as an entry, then as you start to feel the benefits of the practice I would love to offer you gentle guidance and encouragement to expand your beliefs and open your mind to a whole new (ancient) set of practices in a way that is relevant to today. 


I would love to welcome you to the mat,

Maddy x


+ I completed my training in 2015 with Bristol City Yoga under the skilled eye of Laura Gilmore. I received my 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher qualification accredited by Yoga Alliance UK in November 2016.


+ 40 hour Fascia-Release Yoga Intensive 2021

+ I hold insurance with Balens for up to £4,000,000.

+ I  hold a level 3 certification from FM Training - First Aid.

+ Over 1000 teaching hours.



"Maddy's classes are as fantastic, as she is. As a total beginner in Yoga I was slightly unsure what to expect, and if I'd see an improvement in myself, but I was so pleasantly surprised, Maddy puts you at ease and offers different poses depending on your strength/ability, and will always encourage you and assist you if you wish, I have loved the Yoga I have done with Maddy and I cannot wait for more classes! I highly recommend Nayana Yoga to anyone!"

"I've done a bit of yoga before but I really like Maddy's attention to detail in the way she teaches; she explains what each pose is trying to achieve, which helps you to understand your body and how far to push yourself. The focus on self-awareness means you're in control of your own yoga practice and are therefore able to practice safely and confidently outside of the classroom."

“Fantastic class and a fantastic teacher in Maddy. I joined as a complete beginner with absolutely no understanding, but was so pleased with how comfortable I felt and actually how much I saw improvement in myself quickly. Maddy is a patient teacher who is clearly very passionate about yoga and who has found a fan of it in me! I will be keeping it up!”