Hi, I'm Maddy!

I was first introduced to yoga when I was 17 years old on holiday with my family, at the time I didn't have much patience for the physical practice (asana) but I loved the spiritual aspect. My first teacher was an amazing man called Ken who had completely transformed his life after an accident, through yoga. He was incredibly inspiring, open hearted and the perfect first guide to my yoga journey. A couple of years later I found myself bored, completely lacking appreciation for my surroundings and working a dull retail shift. I knew something had to change so after spending a few hours googling 'What to do with your life' I found a wonderful website offering a Karma Yoga program (where you work selflessly for no financial payment) in the beautiful West Coast of Canada. A few weeks later I found myself completely on my own in a country I had no experience in, having spent 24 hours travelling to arrive in a wet tent in the middle of a dark forest. To use that old cliche of a 'gap year' life was changed forever. 

I spent two magical months living, working and serving at this yoga centre in Canada and fell in love with yoga, yogis and all of the ancient yogic philosophies that accompany this lifestyle. I was determined to live in a more conscious, loving, healthy way. 
When my daughter was eight months old, I rekindled my passion for physical aspect of yoga and my practice really began to take some momentum. Thanks to a wonderful Wokingham based teacher, Claire Foster, I began practicing the Ashtanga method which really drove me to deepen my practice. 

My current personal practice is Vinyasa based with lots of exploration into inversions and arm balances. I love to challenge my mental fear and try to overcome my own limitations. I am also extremely drawn to more of a yin style, holding the poses for a longer duration in a bid to find ease within the muscles and connective tissues. I practice gratitude on a daily basis and have held 'Santosha' (contentment), 'Ahimsa' (compassion), and 'Satya' (truth) as guiding teachings and affirmations for the last three years. 


You can now find me teaching weekly classes, workshops and retreats. 

I'm inspired to bring the gift of yoga to everyone and truly believe that yoga is for every body, no matter your age, shape, fitness level, flexibility level or strength. 

I do hope you will join me on the mat soon! 

Maddy x


+ I completed my training in 2015 with Bristol City Yoga under the skilled eye of Laura Gilmore. I received my 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher qualification accredited by Yoga Alliance UK in November 2016.


+ 40 hour Fascia-Release Yoga Intensive 2021

+ I hold insurance with Balens for up to £4,000,000.

+ I  hold a level 3 certification from FM Training - First Aid.



"Maddy's classes are as fantastic, as she is. As a total beginner in Yoga I was slightly unsure what to expect, and if I'd see an improvement in myself, but I was so pleasantly surprised, Maddy puts you at ease and offers different poses depending on your strength/ability, and will always encourage you and assist you if you wish, I have loved the Yoga I have done with Maddy and I cannot wait for more classes! I highly recommend Nayana Yoga to anyone!"

"I've done a bit of yoga before but I really like Maddy's attention to detail in the way she teaches; she explains what each pose is trying to achieve, which helps you to understand your body and how far to push yourself. The focus on self-awareness means you're in control of your own yoga practice and are therefore able to practice safely and confidently outside of the classroom."

“Fantastic class and a fantastic teacher in Maddy. I joined as a complete beginner with absolutely no understanding, but was so pleased with how comfortable I felt and actually how much I saw improvement in myself quickly. Maddy is a patient teacher who is clearly very passionate about yoga and who has found a fan of it in me! I will be keeping it up!”