Saturday 12th May 2018 | 8.30am-6.00pm | £70pp
Remenham Village Hall, Remenham, Nr Henley-On-Thames

Join me for a nourishing day of self-care on a mini retreat. One whole day to relax, unwind, deepen your yoga practice, connect to your inner self and indulge in some delicious food, tea and treats. Open to all, beginners welcome.


8.30 am   Chanting Workshop - We will start with a few different chants to warm up before indulging in a 10 minute long Gaiitri Mantra. Do not worry if you feel you can't sing, it's about sharing space with others and inviting the emotions that arise as you chant. What better way to set your intention for the day?

9.00 am   Option to make tea. Opening circle, introductions, settling intentions, meditation. 

9.30 am   Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Class - this will be a slightly faster paced class than the afternoon one as the morning is the optimum time to practice. Think sun salutations and lots of gentle backbends, opening poses to connect to the heart space. 

10.45 am   Brunch - A delicious healthy meal of bircher, muesli,  yoghurt, breads, rhubarb muffins, nut butters, avocado and fruit. This will be set up as a serve-yourself station so you can choose what speaks to you 

11,30 am   Walking Meditation - A gentle walk along the river in silence. This is to allow the inner voice to have space to reveal itself to you. Focus on what arises and challenge those thoughts as you walk. 

12.30 pm    Free Time - This is an opportunity for you to write in a journal should anything arise in walking. Or perhaps read a book? Maybe even crack on with a craft project that you are working on. You could opt for a longer walk or a cycle ride. Or even pop to town to enjoy a cheeky coffee. This time is yours as you see fit. There will be a library of yoga and spiritual books and magazines for you to peruse, along with some fun yoga-themed quizzes and personality tests as well as some mindfulness colouring pages. I will also be around incase you have anything you'd like to share, talk about, question or work on a yoga asana or technique. There will be an abundance of teas, nuts and fruit for you to snack on during this time.

1.00 pm   Yogic Discussion - An opportunity to go through the various elements of yoga and invite discussion and thoughts as to how we can implement these ideas in our day-to-day lives. No judgement, just honouring the rich history and lineage of yoga and applying what we can and agree with in our day-to-day routines. 

1.30 pm   Inner Conscious Writing Workshop - This is an incredibly exciting and revealing way of hearing your inner voice. You will be guided through exercises that will strip away the conscious mind resulting in a 15 minute long session of unedited writing. The option to share your work and thoughts will be open to anyone who wishes too. This is a safe space and no one should feel pressured to contribute should they not want to. We will end the practice with a meditation and Trataka meditation (candlelight). There will be treats available to nourish ourselves as we delve deep within. 

3.00 pm   Gentle Yoga Class - A slightly gentler class designed to stretch, relax and loosen the body and the mind. We will be ending with a long Savasana and adjustments for those who want them. 

4.30   pm   Late Lunch/Early Dinner - A delicious and nutritious meal awaits! This is yet to be confirmed but retreat menus in the past have included:
- Vegan bean burgers with sweet potato fries
- Salad with sundried tomatoes, fine beans, peppers, courgettes and a tahini dressing
- Raw vegan 'courgetti' carbonara 
- Kale, mushroom and tomato bean stew
- Butternut + coconut soup

5.30 pm   Closing Circle with tea and raw homemade chocolate, meditation and farewells. 

6.00 pm   All guests to leave.


A yoga mat (please email me if you require one but this will be on a first come first served basis. If you'd like to purchase one specifically for the retreat day then please do let me know. I will be placing an order beforehand. Your favourite mug, this is to prevent wasting precious time on washing up various mugs and to bring a little bit of home to the retreat. A pillow or a few cushions for Savasana and restorative yoga. A book or craft project should you wish. A journal or notebook and a pen. Comfortable clothing and warmer clothing incase we practice outdoors. Decent walking shoes. Water bottle. 


Bookings made via email at 

The final balance is due at the time of booking.  There are a total of 16 spaces.
Regrettably cancellations will incur a non-refundable £25 fee to cover room and food costs.

Cancellations within 48 hours of the event start-time will not be able to be refunded. Thank you for your understanding. The itinerary is a guide only and this is subject to change.