'Taking a moment out of the chaos.'

SATURDAY 6TH OCTOBER | 9.00am-1.00pm | Prices start at £25.
The Henley Cricket Club Pavilion.

Join me for a nourishing morning of self-care on a super mini retreat. A chance to relax, unwind, deepen your yoga practice, connect to your inner self and indulge in some delicious vegan food, tea and treats. Open to all, beginners welcome. Goody bags for all!

A magical and powerful circle for our ‘I
Prayer Hands - Nayana yoga Purple - SMAL

Subject to change


9.00 am   Option to make tea or enjoy a freshly squeezed juice. Opening circle, Om chanting, introductions, setting intentions, meditation. 

10.00 am   Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Class - this will be a complete yoga practice. Starting slowly and building up to an invigorating flow. We will end with a 15 minute savasana with relaxing adjustment for those who want them. Suitable for beginner's but with challenging poses included for those that wish to take their practice further.

11.15 am   Brunch - A delicious healthy meal of bircher, muesli,  yoghurt, breads, rhubarb muffins, nut butters, avocado and fruit. This will be set up as a serve-yourself station so you can choose what speaks to you 

12.00 am   Inner Conscious Writing Workshop - This is an incredibly exciting and revealing way of hearing your inner voice. You will be guided through exercises that will strip away the conscious mind resulting in a 15 minute long session of unedited writing. The option to share your work and thoughts will be open to anyone who wishes too. This is a safe space and no one should feel pressured to contribute should they not want to. We will end the practice with a meditation and Trataka meditation (candlelight). There will be treats available to nourish ourselves as we delve deep within. 

1.00 pm   Guests to leave.



A yoga mat (please email me if you require one but this will be on a first come first served basis. If you'd like to purchase one specifically for the retreat day then please do let me know. I will be placing an order beforehand. Your favourite mug, this is to prevent wasting precious time on washing up various mugs and to bring a little bit of home to the retreat. A blanket for Savasana. A journal or notebook and a pen. Comfortable clothing and warmer clothing incase we practice outdoors. Decent walking shoes. Water bottle. 


Bookings made via email at maddy@nayanayoga.co.uk 
This year I am introducing a NEW pricing structure to reflect the true values of yoga and to be able to afford everybody the opportunity of coming while still holding true to the service I am providing. I am suggesting the below prices depending on your household income. Please be aware that this is based on trust and honesty, you do not have to pay the amount listed by your income, you are welcome to make your own decision based on personal circumstances, overheads, children etc. I won't be checking and encourage you to feel empowered in making your own decision that sits right with you! I do hope you will feel these prices are fair and low for what is on offer regardless, as all of these prices are significantly less than the average for other workshops found nearby. Please email me with any concerns. Thank you!

Household Income less than £20k - £25
Household Income less than £30k - £35
Household Income less than £50k - £45
Household Income greater than £50k - £55

When booking a full day and a half day (16/09/18 or 27/10/18 and 06/10/18) receive a £5 discount.

The final balance is due at the time of booking.  There are a total of 16 spaces.
Regrettably cancellations will incur a non-refundable £10 fee to cover room and food costs.

Cancellations within 48 hours of the event start-time will not be able to be refunded. Thank you for your understanding.